By utilizing the self-developed Houmo HaloDrive ™ 30 chip, we provide leading autonomous driving solutions for L4 commercial vehicles and L2++ passenger vehicles. Our solution includes fully-functional domain controller hardware and software algorithm reference designs, with an easy-to-expand architecture and superior universality. The powerful computing capability comprehensively empowers the bottom- layer, providing customers with continuously upgrading ability in autonomous driving.

Solution Advantages

Autonomous Driving Solution

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Passenger vehicles

Commercial vehicles

L4 autonomous driving solution for rail transit and unmanned vehicles in vertical scenarios (including terminal logistics, mine smelting, sanitation and port), utilizes the reference design of Liyu Domain Controller, ensures its reliable performance in alternative weather conditions, significantly reduces the labor intensity of operators and enhances its operational reliability capability.

Passenger vehicles

L2 ++ intelligent driving solution for passenger vehicles utilizes the reference design of Liyu Domain Controller for the rapid application by customers to migrate and adapt their own intelligent driving algorithm to Houmo HaloDrive 30 chip and its domain controller.