Focusing on the core competence of “chip + algorithm”, we are committed to AI empowerment and commercial implementation in the industrial field. Based on Houmo HaloDrive ™ 30 chip and deeply customized industrial intelligent operators, it assists partners to rapidly develop and deploy algorithm models and intelligent computing platforms suitable for complex industrial applications, and comprehensively assists with industrial intelligent transformation.

Solution Advantages

Application Scenarios

  • Real-time Video Analysis
  • Pan-robot Intelligent Inspection

Real-time Video Analysis

The fully autonomous and controllable universal intelligent computing server utilizes Limou PCIe card with a maximum computing power of 1000TOPS for a single server, supports 64-channel high-definition real-time video analysis and 10000 + FPS picture analysis, and achieves “local collection and local computing” of video information in industrial applications including smart power. It also supports multi-mode mixed running and multi-functions, and achieves real-time monitoring and early warning of equipment status, environmental risks and safety behaviors.

1000TOPS maximum computing power for a single server
64-channel 64-channel high-definition real-time video analysis
10000+FPS picture analysis

Pan-robot Intelligent Inspection

The pan-robot autonomous navigation and intelligent inspection solution developed based on Liyu domain controller and automatic driving software stack supports migration to inspection robots, UAV inspection and other fields. Its hardware computing power can reach 60TOPS, and the power consumption is less than 15W. It eliminates the requirement to transmit video data to the cloud, thus achieving “integration of inspection and computing” and enhancing the timeliness of inspection and reducing the high traffic fee generated by network transmission. This solution achieves real-time judgment of equipment status and potential external risks in industrial applications, and identifies abnormal situations in real-time, with rapid location and resolution.

30FPS real-time output inspection results
<15W ultra-low power consumption extends operation time
>60TOPS superior computing power supports navigation and inspection algorithm