Edge application scenarios
Edge application scenarios
AI application solutions for Generic robots/unmanned vehicles

Architecture Innovation

The AI Core designed with SRAM/MRAM/RRAM technology can greatly increase computing power and energy efficiency ratio, and meeting the perception and computing requirements of edge scenarios.

Open & Easy to use

Through the self-developed tool-chain, together with complete reference samples provided, customers can achieve one-stop deployment and rapid application.

Complete & Reliable ECO

Rich hardware and algorithm design capabilities, fully empower partners with edge scenarios intelligentizing.
Cloud application scenarios
AI application solutions for cloud reasoning and training

Rich scenarios:

the chip’s computing power and energy efficiency ratio are greatly improved with Compute-In-Memory(CIM) technology, It can be applied to multiple cloud scenarios, such as advertising recommendation, graph classification, massive data query, etc.

Perfect Hardware

the chip tool chain that can be expanded, easy to deploy and upgrade, easy to operate and maintain, and can quickly meet the diversified cloud applications.

Excellent SW&HW compatibility

the development platform supports a variety of development frameworks. The chip that is compatible with mainstream computing platforms can be seamless developed and applied by most manufacturers.